Message from Jillian

In my work with clients I am influenced by my beliefs, education, training, and life experience. Central to my work is the belief that all of life’s challenges, even the most traumatic or adverse, when met with a committed, openly curious, and caring approach provide us with opportunities for deepened understanding, growth, vitality, and peace.

There is an urge in all of us for personal growth and well-being. As a counsellor, my role is to identify and help my clients remove the obstacles that block their individual paths to growth and well-being.

My education, training, and experience provide me the ability to assess and facilitate the interventions most appropriate to your unique situation. Using your expertise in your life experience, we partner to create change. When partnering with clients, I draw from a variety of theoretical frameworks including, existential, Satir, cognitive, feminist, developmental, systems, narrative, and solution-focused therapies.

In the face of any challenging life situation there are three options reflective of self-responsibility: change the situation, remove yourself from the situation, or accept the situation in its entirety. Even if the potential for external change is limited internal change remains possible. Change is the ultimate goal of counselling and the work I do within that profession. Are you ready for a change?

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