Individual Counselling

There is an urge in all of us for personal growth and well-being. This need is frequently felt when there is a life crisis, a growing awareness of unhelpful patterns of relating to self and others, or a desire to create a new direction or plan in one’s life. As a counsellor, I act as a guide who helps her clients remove the obstacles that block their individual paths to growth and well-being.

After collaborating with my clients to determine their unique needs and establish their specific goals, I draw on a variety of methods or concepts from which to develop my interventions. My sources for interventions include existential, cognitive, feminist, developmental, systems, narrative, and solution-focused therapies.

My overarching goal is facilitating change through helping clients: hear their own wisdom; clarify their own goals; live their lives authentically; consider new perspectives; develop new skills; tap into the power to influence their thoughts, feelings, and relationships; be better choice makers; develop a greater sense of self-responsibility and control in their lives; and restore their self-esteem and congruency. Through this process of change clients are able to reconnect with their life energy, discovering their strengths, and experiencing renewed vitality, inner peace, and improved relations with others.

My general practice includes counselling in the areas of:

Authentic Living Life transitions
Abuse (emotional/physical/sexual) Relationship Dissatisfaction/Dissolution
Anxiety Parenting
Career Direction Pet loss
Cross-cultural Marriages Problem solving
Marital Distress Self-esteem
Depression Spirituality
Families in Transition Stress
Grief Third Culture Kids
> Couples Counselling
> Group Facilitating
> Organizational Consulting
> Advocacy & Mediation
> Repatriation & Cross-Cultural Adjustment
> Services