Group Facilitating

In a skillfully facilitated group, members not only learn new skills and obtain new information, they are also provided with unique opportunities to learn from interpersonal interactions. I offer two types of group programs: psychoeducation groups and group counselling.

Psychoeducational groups focus on the acquisition of new skills and information. They are designed to prevent psychological problems that can arise from a lack of knowledge. This type of group focuses on imparting, discussing, and integrating information.

Group counselling, on the other hand, offers a safe, private forum for resolving the usual, yet often difficult, problems of living. In this type of group the focus is on interpersonal process, learning about one’s sensitivities and behaviour patterns in relationships, and problem-solving strategies that stress conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. The group provides its members with opportunities to experiment and practice new, more rewarding and life-affirming ways of relating to others.

In typical social settings, it is unusual to discuss the process of an interaction. We are reluctant to reveal what we are thinking or feeling, or why we are behaving in a certain way and how those thoughts, feelings, or actions might influence others.  However, the purpose of the counselling group is to look deeply into the interactive process itself, this makes the group a powerful tool to help people re-work their relationship styles.

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