How do I know if counselling is working?

Change is the ultimate goal of counselling. At the beginning of counselling, it is essential that we collaborate to establish clear and specific goals for our work together. Research has identified the following specific areas as a means for evaluating the effectiveness of goals:

  • Goals must be mutually agreed upon by both the client and the counsellor

  • Goals are specific

  • Goals are relevant to the clients concerns and self-defeating behaviour

  • Goals are achievement and success oriented

  • Goals are quantifiable and measurable

  • Goals are behavioural and observable

  • Goals are understandable and can easily be clearly restated

It is important that we decide at what point you might expect to begin to see progress.

Counselling is not like a medical doctor visit. Instead, it calls for a very active effort on your part. In order for counselling to be most successful it is necessary that you commit to working on the things discussed during the sessions and between the sessions.

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