What are the goals and benefits of counselling?

Some of the goals of counselling are:
• To find solutions to current challenges
• Gain clarity and insight about yourself and understanding of others
• Improve communication skills
• Explore fears, expectations, and perceptions
• Explore core and family values
• Minimize self-sabotaging behaviour
• Maximize self-esteem
• To be better choice makers
• To be more responsible for internal experience (thoughts and feelings) and external behaviour
• To be more congruent and authentic

Common benefits of counselling are:
• Gain mastery over thoughts and feelings
• Change current behaviour
• Educate and empower
• Interpret life experience and facilitate corrective emotional experiences
• Draw out your creative side
• Change the story of your life
• Gain mastery over anxiety, depression or guilt
• Heal from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse
• Make sense of and bring peace to a traumatic event from the past or in the present
• Generate movement and increase the sense of aliveness through self-exploration
• Provide encouragement and accountability

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