Advocacy & Mediation

My role as a counsellor includes providing health promotion and social advocacy services in my community. I recognize that external forces sometimes cause client issues. This recognition requires that environmental and systemic barriers be addressed. Therefore, I have specifically chosen to combine the skills I developed as a lawyer with those I have as a counsellor to advocate on behalf of my clients.

As an advocate, I see myself as functioning as a liaison between members of the non-Japanese community and the helping professions within Japan. In this role I seek to clarify cultural meanings, help bridge cultural differences, negotiate ways of effectively working together, and accessing appropriate and necessary resources.

In particular, I provide this type of support to non-Japanese during marital separation and medical treatment. Marital dissolution or health crisis is a turbulent time requiring far-reaching legal, practical, and often life-altering decisions when you may be least prepared to act. While I cannot provide legal or medical advice, I can provide you with information about your rights, responsibilities, and available options; explain terms; provide information about other community agencies; help in understanding the Japanese legal process or medical system; provide some translations services; and of course, be available for emotional support.

If you think that you could benefit from an advocate’s support to a challenge you are currently experiencing please contact Jillian at

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